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Tickets for Mishawaka events can be purchased in a number of ways!

Order your tickets online via this page or by phone at 970-568-5420. Tickets, barring early sellout, will also be available at The Mishawaka box office before the show. Tickets for indoor SpokesBUZZ Lounge shows and summer Amphitheatre shows WILL BE available at these ticket outlets by the BEGINNING OF OCTOBER.

Outlet tickets will be available until noon on the day of show.

Ticket handling charges cover order processing costs, order security and a sustainability fee which helps support facility renovations and the Mishawaka's green programs in the areas of recycling, composting and transportation. Fees are $4.50 for GA internet, phone and walk up orders, $5.50 for VIP tickets. Ticket handling fees for indoor events are reduced by $2 for each ticket.

  For ticketing inquires, including how to redeem promotional coupons, please contact